CarNaTrix® is a unique technology. Based on a specific composite matrix we develop and produce innovative products being LIGHT›STRONG›SMART at once. CarNaTrix® solutions can be widely applied in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering or medical technology.

Feel free to evaluate your range of products and find out components, which could be replaced or developed by CarNaTrix®:

  • consist of different metals such as aluminium, brass, magnesium or steel
  • are high loaded with tensile stress up to 390 MPa and compressive stress up to 500 MPa
  • are used at temperatures up to 170 °C
  • include functional elements such as shafts, slide bearings, sensors, gears or inserts
  • are designed with complex geometries
  • are manufactured with expensive technologies such as machining, welding or assembly

We look forward to your feedback and kindly invite you to discover the world of CarNaTrix®.