components inside

Reduced investments by one-shot technology

A lot of functional elements such as shafts, bearings, sensors, gears and inserts are integrated into the matrix in one injection moulding process step. Therefore the investments in tools and equipment are significantly reduced as well as the number of individual parts and operations.

Condition monitoring by RFID

CarNaTrix® makes transmission components not only lighter but also more intelligent. Integrated RFID sensors provide wireless information about the condition of the system. This intelligence enables the early detection of critical operating situations and the reduction of constructive safety in components design. This is saving weight and costs on top.

Fast time to market by high flexible volume production

An important cornerstone of CarNaTrix® is the smart factory. This allows us to manufacture various products and volumes on the same flow line production. Our unique FLEXline concept enables the fast integration of new products and therefore the reduction of time to market to less than 12 months. The composite matrix including all features is made by one-shot technology. Depending on customer requirements additional assembly and test operations could followed. With smart automation we achieve a high level of efficiency, best quality and process capability.